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Operational Excellence

Our Offering

People before production – we work with asset owners and operators to develop systems and processes that drive safety and output. 

Building and operating a large scale renewable energy asset is a highly complex and dynamic process where, without the right proactive mindset, systems and structure, it becomes all to easy to fall into the reactive, fire fighting mode trap, leading to spiralling performance. Declining HSE leading indicators can also be a clear sign of future poor business performance and we firmly believe that prioritising an open, no blame safety culture is the first step towards improved operational success.

Our team has operations leadership experience on over 3.2GW of renewable energy assets, including the largest, most complex offshore windfarms in the world and has a deep foundation of knowledge, gained from hands-on experience managing some of the highest performing assets in the industry.

Neptune Infrastructure Associates offers support to projects from early stage development, construction, operations to decommissioning in order to maximise the value of your asset over its lifetime. From onboarding plans, to logistics strategies to operational synergies, you can trust we will be applying the latest thinking and work collaboratively with you to find solutions that align with your business' needs.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • A large scale offshore wind operator is seeking optimisations across multiple assets in the same region.

  • An independent operator is looking to conduct a review of its business in order to increase efficiency and asset availability, driving increased profitability. 

  • A developer is assessing options for operating their asset post construction in order to maximise value. Considerations include TSA & SWA periods, self operate strategies or hybrid models involving the management of multiple contractors.

Our Solutions

Wherever your project sits in its lifecycle, we are here to support you in maximising its value and improving output. Services we offer include:

  • Third party operational performance reviews

  • Development support

  • Contractual reviews and support with maximising returns

  • Negotiation support on contractual issues

  • Construction to operations handover strategy and support

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