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About Us

Our Story

Neptune Infrastructure Associates was founded to support organisations in delivering an accelerated, value-creating energy transition.

We believe that by maximising the performance of renewable infrastructure assets and businesses, we can help deliver the output and returns required to implement the global shift to renewable energy.


We are a privately owned asset management services & commercial advisory business that provides deep expertise and insight to our clients internationally, covering the entire value chain of major renewable infrastructure projects. Our tailored approach is grounded with real-life, senior management experience at the leading edge of the energy transition. We support and guide asset owners through the challenges they face in realising returns from their projects, creating the value that matters to shareholders, stakeholders and planet.

"As a planet, we are entering a period of constant, unprecedented change. It is vital that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and that we move forward with confidence and conviction to deliver the energy transition. We are here to help your organisation do just that"

Hamish Yates

CEO, Neptune Infrastructure Associates 

Why Us?


We help investors decode and navigate complex issues, delivering clarity and maximising returns

Renewable energy investors face considerable obstacles in realising an investment’s true potential.


They frequently don’t understand why assets are under performing, or how to solve the issue:


  • Lack of full access to data and information

  • Absence of in-house teams with dedicated sector knowledge and insight

  • Acceptance of a hands-off approach

NIA has the crucial inside expertise to act as a trusted independent partner and adviser in leveraging the value of assets:


  • We ensure our clients have a transparent and educated oversight of their investments

  • We translate complex issues into simple and actionable insights

  • We are highly collaborative, but unafraid of asking difficult questions

  • We apply rigorous and creative thinking to a singular mindset driven by results

  • We give investment managers their time back, allowing clients to focus on growth, not firefighting

  • We give a voice to marginal stakeholders, protecting, managing, and optimising their investments, irrespective of project share


Our in-house developer/operator experience unlocks scarce insights and powerful expertise

NIA was founded by CEO Hamish Yates, former board member of Ørsted’s UK & Ireland businesses:

  • Experience on more than 3.2GW of renewable energy assets

  • Insights gathered from the other side of the boardroom table

  • Traversing the entire value chain and lifecycle of projects

  • Managing Director of Hornsea 1 offshore windfarm, leading 100+ people in powering 1m+ UK homes with renewable electricity

  • Extensive experience of infrastructure acquisition and divestment support, with total deal values exceeding £4bn

  • DNA of leveraging expertise to deliver tailored asset management and commercial advisory, helping investors supercharge their returns.

Hamish Yates


We challenge the status quo of asset portfolios, understand where value resides, and leave nothing on the table


Too often renewable asset portfolios are left to grow stagnant:


  • Warehoused among a disparate mix of investments

  • Assigned to staff with limited specific and applicable expertise

  • Relying on outdated strategies, solutions, and ways of working

  • Operating at lowest levels of acceptable output


NIA energetically scrutinises and challenges these principles and practices through a highly modern and forward-looking lens:


  • Applying first-class, cutting-edge, and contemporary sector knowledge

  • Combining a global and granular view

  • Blending proven strategies with creative solutions

  • Understanding the minor performance increases that can deliver millions over a project’s lifecycle

  • Identifying neglected and overlooked value-creating opportunities

  • Creating access for investors to operational performance and key workstreams, highlighting the risks and opportunities

  • Guiding owners in assessing operations decision-making to access cost savings

  • Helping investors to challenge the costs of OEM defects and failures. Ensuring OEMs resolve issues upfront, not compensate later at a deflated rate

  • Driven by purpose - never for the sake of it

Our robust values and diverse capabilities deliver a refreshed and enhanced offering to ambitious market players


NIA is committed to a set of four core values: authenticity, creativity, exploration, and service.

These values are woven into and underpin our first-class capabilities

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