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Black Water


Our Offering

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the biggest threats to civilisation as we know it. We can help you to understand your carbon footprint and play your part in transitioning to a more sustainable organisation.

Our background gives us the unique ability to create the links between policymakers, investors, lenders, energy companies, corporates and suppliers within infrastructure. We'll help you assess and quantify the impact of opportunities and risks and embed the changes in your business.

We work with organisations across the renewables and infrastructure sectors to understand your carbon emissions, assess risks to support your strategy, set measurable targets, and develop and deliver roadmaps for adaptation to a more sustainable business. 

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • An organisation has committed to delivering a net zero target and requires help in scoping out how this will be delivered

  • A business is looking to change its impact on biodiversity and is interested in innovating new methodologies to encourage greater biodiversity within your field of influence

  • A supplier is required to meet certain emissions targets by a client and is looking for support in developing a strategy to achieve this 

Our Solutions

The clock is ticking in our race to deliver net zero and prevent runaway climate change. Almost every decision a business makes, whether operational or commercial, has a tangible impact on emissions and we can help you to optimise this and keep moving in the right direction through:

  • Measurement and tracking of emissions, tailored to your business

  • Adapting processes, policies and your operating model

  • Leveraging relevant technologies and developments in your field to add value to your offering and reduce impact on the environment

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