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Commercial Advice to Optimise £300m Investment in Energy Transition Hub

Neptune Infrastructure Associates supported port owner Haventus with commercial advisory services, including creating a bespoke, detailed, and effective commercial strategy to maximise return on investment.

Haventus Limited is the owner of Ardersier Port in Scotland. The company is committed to developing the port's potential, driving economic growth in the region, and positioning Ardersier Port as a leader in the renewable energy sector, including offshore wind opportunities in the North Sea.



In 2024, Quantum Energy Partners backed Haventus Ltd, commences the £300m redevelopment of Ardersier Port in Scotland into a world class energy transition hub. The business’ management team required support in refining the port’s commercial strategy, identifying and prioritising opportunities to maximise return on investment for the port and the wider highlands economy.

Having worked with Haventus to create bespoke assessment criteria, the NIA team carried out an in-depth, quantitative market analysis, collating a comprehensive database of ranked potential clients for Ardersier Port.

Following the analysis, the NIA team then crafted a detailed commercial strategy for the Haventus team to follow over the coming 18 months. The resulting body of work provided a crystal-clear plan, helping the port to maximise effectiveness and efficiency in capturing the prioritised opportunities, while outlining the key technical/commercial risks.



Lewis Gillies 

Chief Executive Officer, Haventus

"The experience of working with Neptune Infrastructure Associates was nothing short of exceptional. It was evident that they didn’t just work for us; they worked with us, taking the time to understand our needs and aligning their strategies accordingly.


The clarity and precision of the commercial plan they provided have been instrumental in our strategic approach. We've been able to prioritize our target customers effectively, setting a clear path for our commercial team to execute. This level of specificity and alignment with our goals was exactly what we needed.


What truly set Neptune Infrastructure Associates apart was the swiftness and excellence of their service. They not only met but exceeded our expectations, delivering a product that was both speedy and of the highest quality.

Most Valuable Insights

The result has been a data-led, joined-up approach to maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of Ardersier Port's resources. With more than 60GW of offshore wind targeted in Europe by 2030, untold financial returns will be left on the table, with unnecessary costs incurred and time wasted, as long as inefficient strategies persist.

Save Time & Focus on Priorities

  • Outsourcing this work allowed Haventus to focus on delivering their complex construction program, without hiring additional in-house resource.

  • Management could focus their time on other critical workstreams while Neptune Infrastructure Associates managed the strategic, commercial view.

First-Class, Cutting-Edge Sector Knowledge, Quickly Applied to your Business

  • As an independent adviser, Neptune Infrastructure Associates work with a wide range of clients across the entire value-chain of the renewable energy sector.

  • With minimal disruption and on-boarding, Neptune Infrastructure Associates applied its in-house developer/operator experience, to unlock scarce insights and increased financial returns for Haventus.

Not all opportunities are created equal

  • 63% of Haventus' pipeline was downgraded in priority, based on quantitative data & analysis.

  • By narrowing the focus of the rapidly expanding commercial team, Haventus saved significant time and costs, leveraging its resources to secure the highest value opportunities.

The Value of Seasoned Expertise

  • Knowledge of the risks and opportunities in renewable energy comes from years of hands-on management experience at the leading edge of offshore wind and renewable energy industries.

  • Neptune Infrastructure Associates applied this knowledge to Haventus' commercial strategy, enabling them to focus on the highest value opportunities with minimal wasted effort.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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