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Transaction Advisory

Our Offering

We work with investors, corporates and financial services firms to help them accurately assess risks and capture opportunities in deals.

With experience spanning a wide range of transactions across the Infrastructure sector, from supply chain aquisitions to divestments of some of the world's largest offshore windfarms, to insurance of offshore infrastructure assets. We are here to support you in realising your investment. 

We are uniquely positioned to support you, providing truly independent advice and expertise to help you build your confidence and understanding in the realities of what it is you are investing in or insuring. With our foundation of hands-on senior management experience at pioneering companies in the infrastructure sector, we can help you to build a picture of the true technical and commercial risks, opportunities and capabilities of those you are investing in.

You can be assured that our advice is tailored to your needs and of the highest quality, taking into account the global and local economic context and relevant to your organisation or project.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • A financial investor is looking to aquire a share in a renewable generation asset but doesn't have the in-house expertise or experience to know the right questions to ask in their assessment or gauge the true value of risks and opportunities in the deal. 

  • An investor has appointed a large consultancy to take the lead on due diligence on their deal but struggle with the volume and/or quality of Q&A that's filtering through for them to action. They're finding they're supported by entry level consultants who may know the theory well but lack the years of hands on experience. 

  • An investor wants a lead advisor to act on their behalf who will coordinate the many stakeholders and translate the complexities and priorities within a deal into something they can use in decision making.

  • An infrastructure investor is interested in getting involved in the renewable infrastructure market and would like to work with a partner who can guide them through understanding the complexities of this rapidly growing market and the pitfalls to avoid. A partner to help them to realise their ambitions.

Our Solutions

The team behind NIA come with years of hands-on, senior management experience of large scale infrastructure projects in addition to experience on M&A transactions totaling almost £5bn. 

This experience gives us a unique insight and skillset which is rarely available from an independent source. We are highly skilled at taking extremely complex matters, assessing the data and information, asking the right probing questions and presenting clear, easy to understand overviews to boards for decision making. 

By working with us, we can help you to better understand the risks in your deals and ensure you're making decisions that result in better outcomes, without repeating the mistakes of others.

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