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Technology & Analytics

Our Offering

What gets measured gets done. In this ever-changing world, data and tech are vital to take your performance to the next level.  

Infrastructure projects generate vast amounts of data, and in order to maximise the returns from your asset it's vital that you know where to look for insights, threats and optimisation opportunities. In this ever changing global economic environment, it is no longer enough to simply rely on others for your performance insights, it's vital to have a solid understanding of your assets/business and where the data is telling you requires attention. We can help you to develop this capability in-house. 

Our skilled and experienced team has many years experience at senior management and board level on large scale infrastructure projects and service provider businesses. We are here to support you on your digital journey and to ensure you're using data and technology to your advantage.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • Financial investor owns their assets data but is not yet receiving it from their service provider and/or is not currently analysing this data on a regular basis for insights on asset performance, developing risks and opportunities. The investor wishes to play a more active role in their investment to drive increased returns

  • Asset owner wishes to increase the quality of its reporting and generate better visualisations of asset data to aid decision making and improve outcomes

  • Service provider wishes to improve its quality and performance through the deployment and innovation of new technologies

Our Solutions

The NIA team can help your organisation with its digital transformation, providing industry context and expertise to support you in:

  • Digital strategy and future-proofing your business for tomorrow's world

  • Data analytics to better understand business/asset performance and enable you as leaders to challenge in the right areas

  • Making strategic choices on where to prioritise and how to win in your digital transformation

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