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Strategy & Leadership

Our Offering

We work with C-suite executives to translate your vision into clear, actionable strategies for success and support you in the delivery.

Wherever your business sits in the infrastructure value chain, having clear, easy to communicate, relevant strategies and high performing senior leaders is fundamental to you achieving your goals. We know that having an industry seasoned, approachable, capable and independent team on your side can help your leadership to cut through the noise, take in broader contexts, prioritise and get to a higher quality strategy quicker. 

At NIA, our highly skilled and experienced team work with clients in a collaborative and curious manner to truly understand your organisation before developing strategies that can help you get to where you need to go.

We provide support across the spectrum; from government and regulators, large public corporates, tier 1 suppliers, to SMEs, new entrants and start-ups. 

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • A business is looking to grow internationally, organically, through acqusition or both and are looking for independent support in identifying and prioritising opportunities and resources.

  • An organisation is looking to take a more customer focused approach and now seeks to expand/change its offering to better reflect the needs of their customers and to help differentiate themselves from competitors.

  •  An organisation wishes to undertake strategic changes to fundamentally improve business performance and ensure the resources they have are working as effectively as possible

Our Solutions

Our highly capable and tailored team can help you to develop: 

  • Customer & growth strategy   

  • Operations and value optimisation strategy   

  • Strategic business planning 

  • Leadership development and succession planning

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