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People, Talent & Skills

Our Offering

Your people are your business's biggest asset. We can help you identify and plug the skills gaps in your organisation.

Successful organisations have inclusive, diverse, developmental and results driven cultures at their core. NIA helps businesses in defining their mission and purpose, employee value proposition, skills development plans and with stategic workforce planning. 

We leverage our extensive experience across the value chain of the infrastructure sector and learnings from the most innovative companies to help your organisation stand out from the crowd, attracting, developing and retaining the best available talent to deliver your ambitions.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • An organisation is struggling to attract and retain the volume of talent required to successfully deliver its growth ambitions

  • An organisation has several gaps in its skill base and is looking to plan for the future, growing its own talent to drive long term business performance and better meet the needs of customers

  • An organisation has a new leadership team following changes to the business and wish to set out their plan to galvenise the workforce and create a mission led, inclusive culture that delivers results

Our Solutions

At NIA we are passionate about putting people first. We can help your business to foster a workforce that is motivated, loyal and inclusive. A few examples of the services we deliver include:

  • Defining your business' mission, purpose and strategy, clearly outlining the employee value proposition

  • Identifying the skills and attributes your business needs for the future and designing strategies to bring them onboard. Create clear KPIs to measure progress.

  • Define your organisation's behaviours, culture and ways of working

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