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Management Consulting

Our Offering

Whatever your objectives are as an organisation in infrastructure, we can help you to clearly define, plan and realise your goals more effectively.

No matter where your organisation sits in the infrastructure value chain, we are all connected in delivering a more sustainable future for our planet, energy security and the facilities for our world that enable people and planet to flourish.

Here at NIA, our highly skilled and experienced team support our clients by providing deep insight, relevant advice and bespoke solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop strategies which stand the test of time, are resilient and maximise the value your business creates, on our collective journey to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss.

We support a wide range of organisations, from governments, regulators, large public utilities, supply chain businesses, to new entrants and start-ups. Leaveraging our broad, hands-on senior management experience in renewable energy and infrastructure, we can help you to create a high quality organisational strategy that sets you up to deliver your goals and take more effective decisions.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • An organisation is looking to expand into renewable infrastructure and would like support in optimising their plan, scoping out strategies for success and an experienced partner to support them throughout implementation. 

  • An existing player within the renewable energy sector wants to capture increased market share and build long term partnerships with its clients. They seek support from an independent advisor to help the business to develop a roadmap and strategy for the organisation to implement.

  • An infrastructure investor is looking to appoint a senior management team to run their asset efficiently and safely over its lifetime and would like support in assessing and screening the skills and capabilities of candidates.

Our Solutions

Our highly capable and tailored team can support your C-Suite with a wide range of solutions, including: 

  • Organisational strategy and structuring

  • Customer & growth strategy

  • Bespoke market research

  • Business plan development

  • Market entry strategy

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