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Asset Management

Our Offering

Whether you've invested for capital growth or yield-based returns, we are here to take the stress away and help you maximise returns from your asset.

As an investor in renewable energy infrastructure, delivering returns in line with expectations at the outset is fundamental to success. As costs and WACC increase, being able to manage risks, capture opportunities and look beyond the data, is paramount to protect your investment in this ever changing landscape. This becomes ever more important when looking at JV investment models and differing expecations of what success may look like between parties.

At NIA, we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, value-led asset managment service, taking the stress out of asset ownership and enabling our clients to focus their talent and resources on new aquisition targets and growth opportunities. For investors who wish to keep their asset management in-house, we help our clients and partners to play a more active role in their investments, to question and hold service providers to account and to build collaborative joint venture partnerships. We work with you to extract insights from asset data to ensure your investment is being operated efficiently and within compliance and contractual frameworks, identifying the optimisations that once captured, increase value.

Our team has unparallelled experience in managing large infrastructure assets, working with some of the leading players in the energy transition to maximise returns on their investment, protect and increase value and drive safety culture at a site or portfolio level.

Case Studies

Typical Challenges

  • Financial investor with a stake in a renewable energy infrastructure asset. They hold in-house investment management expertise but lack the hands-on, management experience from within the industry itself and are looking to work with an experienced pair of hands to take on the day to day management of their investment. It's critical that the service provider ensures their interests are protected and that the assets continue to perform to or exceed expectations

  • SPV or Joint Venture, looking for independent expert advice as a second opinion on a specific issue or topic that requires resolution in a quick and accurate manner. Perhaps an investor has divested their stake and the JV is needing support in onboarding a new partner to the asset

  • Utility scale renewable energy generator looking for support in squeezing more value from their asset portfolio, identifying ways output, efficiency or lifetime can be increased to generate more value for their business

Our Solutions

We work with our clients on a wide range of topics and challenges within the asset management space. Some of the value we can add includes: 

  • Asset management - offering tailored to your needs

  • Asset optimisation 

  • HSE culture and Director level engagement 

  • Risk management 

  • Operating strategies including logistics and spare parts 

  • Lifetime extension 

  • Divestment process support 

  • Onboarding of new investors / partners 

  • Data analysis and support in understanding your asset better

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